Forest Culture and Green Benefits

  Since 2010, the Beijing Municipal Forestry and Park Bureau has launched a series of forest resources-based activities, and explored development models from forest culture to green benefits.

  1.Forest culture demonstration areas and brand activities

  Since 2010, after introducing nature education concepts through international cooperation, nature education brand activities such as Beijing Xishan Forest Concert, Forest and People Summer Camp, Reading in Forests, Forest Caravan and Public Walking have been developed. Over the 10 years, around 1100 events of over 30 categories have been organized, targeted for an audience of over 100,000. Since 2012, by exploring resources of relevant forest parks and forest farms and fully displaying forests' multiple functions, 10 forest culture demonstration areas including Badaling Forest Experience Center, Beijing Xishan National Forest Park, Baiwangshan Forest Park and Tongzhong Central Green Park, have been established, providing characteristic areas for nature education activities in Beijing. 

  2.Nature education related standard system

  Three local standards, Establishment Guidelines on Forest Culture Base, Evaluation Guidelines on Forest Experience Education Base, and Criteria of Scientific Interpretive Signs in Forests and Parks, as well as two group standards, Establishment Guidelines on Forest-based Nature Education Base, and Criteria of Nature Education Signs, have been developed, forming the standard system for development of nature education. 

  3.Development and practice of forest therapy in Beijing

  Since 2013, Beijing has started introduction, absorption and promotion of concepts and techniques of forest therapy, and has made significant achievements in academic exchanges, research, establishment of bases, training, publicity and promotion.