International cooperation and exchanges

  To meet needs of ecological conservation and development, theBeijing Municipal Bureau of Forestry and Parks (BMBFP) has been conducting international cooperation. Through introducing international expertise and implementing international cooperation projects, it has established close cooperation relationships with organizations from over 10 countries such as Germany, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, as well as a number of international organizations including ADB, IUCN and UNDP. On average, there are over 10 international delegations (more than 100 persons) visiting BMBFP each year. It has organized a number of international trips on exchanges and training for management and technical staff from BMBFP. It has also introduced various international concepts and techniques, such as forest therapy, forest experience and education, close-to-nature forest management, forestry addressing climate change, biodiversity and tree doctors, which has provided a solid foundation for high-quality development of forestry and parks as well as ecological civilization of Beijing.