Administrative Functions of Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau(Office of Beijing Greening Commission)

  Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau implements forestry and parks related guidelines, policy and directives of the CPC Central Committee as well as requirements of the Beijing Committee of CPC.
  1. Responsible for supervision and management of forestry and parks and relevant ecological conservation and restoration in Beijing, including implementing relevant national policy and regulations, drafting relevant municipal regulations, and developing relevant standards and planning.
  2. Organizing ecological conservation and restoration, urban and rural greening and afforestation in Beijing, including implementing relevant projects, establishing and protecting public-benefit forests, soil erosion control, prediction and emergency response to dust storm disasters, organizing dynamic monitoring and evaluation of forests, wetland, grassland and terrestrial wild fauna and flora resources, and implementing ecological compensation related to forestry and wetland. 
  3. Responsible for supervision and management of forests and wetland resources in Beijing, including planning, licensing of forest logging quotas, ecological protection and restoration of wetland, drafting and implementing relevant planning and standards of wetland, organizing forest land, green areas and grassland related pest control, quarantine and prediction.
  4. Organizing development and implementation of forestry and parks related standards, developing standards related to establishment and management of parks, green areas, wetland and protected natural areas as well as standards related to forestry industries, supervision and check of key forestry and parks projects and supervision of relevant project funding, and management of ancient and precious trees.
  5. Responsible for management of municipal parks in Beijing, including developing planning of parks, guiding and supervising establishment and management of parks, survey and evaluation of resources of parks and green areas.
  6. Responsible for supervision and management of terrestrial wild fauna and flora resources in Beijing, including organizing survey of terrestrial wild fauna and flora resources, drafting and adjusting lists of key protected species of wild fauna and flora, organizing and guiding rescue and breeding of terrestrial wild fauna and flora, restoring habitats, monitoring of epidemic disease related to wildlife, supervision and management of harvesting, artificial breeding and utilization of terrestrial wild fauna and flora.
  7. Responsible for supervision and management of protected natural areas of various types in Beijing, including proposal of establishing and adjusting of natural areas of various types and conducting application & approval procedures, applying to World Natural Heritage, organizing application to World Cultural and Natural Heritage together with other agencies, as well as biodiversity conservation.
  8. Responsible for reform of forestry and parks in Beijing, including drafting reform suggestions and implementation related to collective forest tenure and state-owned forest farms, drafting policy related to development of rural forestry and protecting lawful rights of forestry managers, guiding contracted management of rural forested land, and implementing work related to returning farmland to forests or grassland.
  9. Drafting policy related to forestry industries in Beijing, including drafting relevant development planning, management of utilization of forestry related fruits, flowers, bees, silkworms and forest resources, supervision and management of quality and safety of edible forest products, and guiding ecological measures related poverty alleviation.
  10. Organizing and guiding establishment and development of state-owned forest farms in Beijing, organizing survey of germplasm resources of forest tree and grass seeds, establishing Germplasm bank, breeding and promotion of high-quality seeds, managing production and operation of seedlings and forest and grassland seeds, supervision and management of forestry biological germplasm resources, transgenic organism safety and new plant variety protection.
  11. Administrative enforcement of law related to forestry and parks in Beijing, management of forest public security related issues, law dissemination and publicity.
  12. Implementation of relevant planning related to disaster prevention and mitigation in Beijing, development of forest fire prevention and control planning and relevant standards, carrying out fire patrolling, establishment of facilities, publicity and education, guiding state-owned forest farms to carry out fire prevention related monitoring, prediction, supervision and check.
  13. Development of planning and annual plans of technological development of forestry and parks in Beijing, providing guidance for important science and technology projects, forestry and parks information management, management of forestry carbon and forestry addressing climate change related issues, managing international exchanges and cooperation on forestry and parks.
  14. Communication and mobilization of voluntary tree planting among the public, coordinating greening and environmental improvement for important events.
  15. Performing other tasks assigned by the Beijing Committee of CPC and the Beijing Municipal Government.
  16. Function transformation. The Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau will put more effort into protection of ecosystems in Beijing, to implement ecological protection and restoration, coordination and management of forests, wetland and green areas, to safeguard ecological safety of the capital. It will accelerate the development of systems of natural protected areas.